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Installing Ruby with rbenv on Mountain Lion with Homebrew

Posted by nick on September 20, 2013

This doesn’t work

rbenv install 2.0.0-p249

This does

CONFIGURE_OPTS="--with-out-ext=tk,tk/* --with-openssl-dir=`brew --prefix openssl` --with-readline-dir=`brew --prefix readline`" RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--with-openssl-dir=`brew --prefix openssl` --with-readline-dir=`brew --prefix readline`" rbenv install 2.0.0-p247

(posted for future reference, since I forget this every time I need to install a new Ruby version)

Problems with Sqlite3 on Leopard?

Posted by nick on June 12, 2009

Although I’d installed it before, I’d never had occasion to use Sqlite until now.

I had Sqlite3 binary installed, as well as the sqlite3-ruby gem, but trying to use sqlite in Ruby would throw this

no such file to load -- sqlite3

Reinstalling sqlite3 or the Ruby gem made no difference. And I could open sqlite3 at the console just fine. Ruby didn’t see it though. The solution was here. Ditching the gem and compiling from source fixed things.

Wget on Mac?

Posted by nick on June 11, 2009

Not sure why this isn’t part of MacOS by default, but you can install wget by following the instructions here.

Moving on again

Posted by nick on June 11, 2009

Well the project is wrapping up and I’ll be moving on to other work now. Also my team will be going their own ways. Its easier for me to find projects for one developer (me) than for several. Perhaps Codevader will grow again in the future.

To continue following Maurício’s hugely informative posts, do so at I’ll continue blogging here, but typically my posts will be short and sweet

Full text search on Rails using the acts_as_solr plugin

Posted by Maurício Linhares on May 29, 2009

Now let’s learn with a simple example how you can use this plugin to add full text search functionality to your models. But before that, let’s check out acts_as_solr and Solr features:


Solr features

  • Based on the proven and widely known Lucene search library
  • Using the fast and lightweight Jetty HTTP server
  • Many filters, plugins and complements available from the community (stemmers, charset converters, stop-words filters with lists in many languages)

acts_as_solr features

  • Live updates for your active_record models (no need to have a task reindexing your data, after every save/update the index is updated)
  • Almost no special configuration needed
  • Various hooks for error handling when things go bad (your application doesn’t stop working if an index or search can’t be performed)
  • Fully compatible with will_paginate view helpers and :page/:per_page options (you don’t need to change anything at your views at all)
  • Warming up

    To start using this plugin you’ll have set up a Rails application ( rails -d mysql acts_as_solr_sample ) and then install the plugin like this:

    ruby script/plugin install git://

    To be sure that the plugin was correctly installed, check if there’s a file at “RAILS_ROOT/config/solr.yml” and a folder at “RAILS_ROOT/config/solr”. If both the config file and folder exist, you’re ready to start using acts_as_solr in your application.

    As Solr is based on Lucene that’s a Java full text search engine you’ll also have to install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in your machine if you don’t already have one, you can find the latest version here -


    The first configuration file we have to check out is the solr.yml:

    # Config file for the acts_as_solr plugin.
    # If you change the host or port number here, make sure you update
    # them in your Solr config file
      url: http://localhost:8982/solr
    # uncomment this line if you want to have Solr errors raised at your application
    # if this property is undefined or set to false the errors will be logged
    # using the rails logger but they will not be raised to the application
    # raise_error: true
      url: http://localhost:8983/solr
    # raise_error: true

    This is the configuration to start the Solr server and also the configuration that the plugin will use to make requests to this server so you need to be sure that the host contains the real name of the machine that is going to host the Solr server, specially in production. Every environment can use it’s own configuration and the raise_error config tells acts_as_solr if the errors received when trying to talk to the Solr server should be raised to your application or not. The default value is “false” which means that the errors are not going to be raised to your application but they will be logged using the Rails logger. We’ll get back to error handling later.

    The files under “RAILS_ROOT/config/solr” are the heart of your Solr server configuration, they tell Solr which filters and field configurations should be used and that’s also were your index files are going to be stored. The Solr index files live at “RAILS_ROOT/config/solr/data/RAILS_ENV”. Be sure to ignore the index folders when pushing data to your source control system.

    Using the plugin

    Now it’s time to get your hands dirty using the plugin for real, let’s start building the model that’s going to be searched, the NewsStory:

    class NewsStory < ActiveRecord::Base
      validates_presence_of :title, :description
      def to_s

    And here’s the migration that’s going to create it:

    class CreateNewsStories &lt> ActiveRecord::Migration
          t.string :title, :null =&gt:false
          t.text :description
      def self.down
        drop_table :news_stories

    With our model created and the migration run (rake db:migrate) we’ll have to start the Solr server:

    rake solr:start

    After this you should get some output like this:

     Solr started successfully on 8982, pid: 12770.
    2009-05-29 15:00:09.853::INFO:  Logging to STDERR via org.mortbay.log.StdErrLog
    2009-05-29 15:00:09.966::INFO:  jetty-6.1.18
    2009-05-29 15:00:10.027::INFO:  Extract file:/home/mauricio/NetBeansProjects/acts_as_solr_sample/vendor/plugins/acts_as_solr/jetty/webapps/solr.war to /tmp/Jetty_localhost_8982_solr.war__solr__6dieve/webapp
    2009-05-29 15:00:10.972::INFO:  Opened /home/mauricio/NetBeansProjects/acts_as_solr_sample/log/development_2009_05_29.request.log
    2009-05-29 15:00:10.992::INFO:  Started SelectChannelConnector@localhost:8982

    The Jetty server that loads the Solr webapp is now ready to begin indexing your data and answering for search calls. Let’s add some news stories do the database (fire your “ruby script/console”):

      :title => 'acts_as_solr rocks',
      :description => 'a simple and easy way to do full text searching in your rails app' )
      :title => 'couchdb is the next big thing',
      :description => 'you shuld start paying attention to it, nice and easy way to store and search data' )

    Now it’s time for us to search for them using Solr:

    news_stories = NewsStory.find_by_solr( 'easy' )
    news_stories.each { |news_story| puts news_story.title }

    You should receive an object ( a ActsAsSolr::SearchResults ) with the two news stories you just persisted to your dabase, this object behaves just like a common Array, so you can use it anywhere you’d expect to use an Array but it also implements the same methods found at the will_paginate collection so you can also use it at your will_paginate view helpers.

    And guess what? That’s it!

    Now you have full text search working in your application in an almost effortless way. Read the plugin docs to get a better feel of the options you can use at the acts_as_solr and find_by_solr methods and you’re ready to go live using one of the most advanced open source search tools available today.

    You can find the plugin here at GitHub -

    with_scope and named_scopes ignoring stacked :order clauses

    Posted by Maurício Linhares on May 29, 2009

    If you’ve been using with_scope and named_scopes a lot with ActiveRecord you have probably noticed that the :order clauses defined at the scopes are lost and only the first :order clause is used. If you defined an :order clause you’d like to have it merged with the other ones already provided. Here’s a simple example:

    class User
      named_scope :by_first_name, :order => "#{quoted_table_name}.first_name ASC"
      named_scope :by_last_name, :order => "#{quoted_table_name}.last_name ASC"

    Our user has two named scopes defined and both of them define an :order clause, if we try to run a finder like this:


    This is the generated query:

    SELECT * FROM `users` ORDER BY `users`.first_name ASC

    As you’ve noticed, only the first :order clause was used, the last one was lost. Our ideal SQL query would have to look like this, with both :order clauses being used:

    SELECT * FROM `users` ORDER BY `users`.last_name ASC , `users`.first_name ASC

    That’s why we’re going to hack the with_scope method a litle bit to reach our goal. This issue was already reported to the Rails issue tracker but there’s no fix yet so our only hope is to monkeypatch Rails to behave as we expect it to, so here’s a really simple fix for the problem:

    ActiveRecord::Base.class_eval do
      class << self
        def merge_orders( *orders )
          orders.join( ' , ' )
        def with_scope_with_hack(method_scoping = {}, action = :merge, &block)
          method_scoping = method_scoping.method_scoping if method_scoping.respond_to?(:method_scoping)
          # Dup first and second level of hash (method and params).
          method_scoping = method_scoping.inject({}) do |hash, (method, params)|
            hash[method] = (params == true) ? params : params.dup
          method_scoping.assert_valid_keys([ :find, :create ])
          if f = method_scoping[:find]
            set_readonly_option! f
          # Merge scopings
          if [:merge, :reverse_merge].include?(action) && current_scoped_methods
            method_scoping = current_scoped_methods.inject(method_scoping) do |hash, (method, params)|
              case hash[method]
              when Hash
                if method == :find
                  (hash[method].keys + params.keys).uniq.each do |key|
                    merge = hash[method][key] && params[key] # merge if both scopes have the same key
                    if key == :conditions && merge
                      if params[key].is_a?(Hash) && hash[method][key].is_a?(Hash)
                        hash[method][key] = merge_conditions(hash[method][key].deep_merge(params[key]))
                        hash[method][key] = merge_conditions(params[key], hash[method][key])
                    elsif key == :include && merge
                      hash[method][key] = merge_includes(hash[method][key], params[key]).uniq
                    elsif key == :joins && merge
                      hash[method][key] = merge_joins(params[key], hash[method][key])
                    elsif key == :order && merge
                      hash[method][key] = merge_orders(params[key], hash[method][key])
                      hash[method][key] = hash[method][key] || params[key]
                  if action == :reverse_merge
                    hash[method] = hash[method].merge(params)
                    hash[method] = params.merge(hash[method])
                hash[method] = params
          self.scoped_methods << method_scoping
        alias_method_chain :with_scope, :hack

    You can place this code at an initializer (maybe called with_scope_fix.rb) or at your lib folder and require it in your initializers. And now all your :order clauses defined by named_scope or with_scope calls will be correctly merged and will not be lost in your code.

    Google sitemaps made easy

    Posted by nick on April 01, 2009

    Now that Talkies is live, we obviously need to get word out that we exist. Part of that is making sure that Google can find all our pages. Since not all movies or actors are accessible directly via a link, we needed to implement a sitemap ( file that we can submit to Google.

    Easiest way to do that was with Alex Rabarts’ big_sitemap gem. Implementation was straightforward, and we’ve got a cron job that runs once a day to keep the sitemaps updated.

    Talkies is live!

    Posted by nick on March 10, 2009

    This blog has been really quiet lately as we’ve been in the home straight for launching Talkies. Finally, we went live on Sunday night.

    Talkies is now up at In case you don’t speak German, and the pictures don’t give it away, Talkies is a social-networking site focused around movies, movie stars and the entertainment biz. Obviously aimed at German-speakers.

    We’ve got exciting things planned for the site. What you see now is only the start!

    Updating a new record with an after_save callback

    Posted by nick on December 23, 2008

    We have a Photo model in which we want to store a list of actors featured in that photo, to make it easier for Solr to search photos. When a new photo is uploaded users can associate one or more actors with the photo. This arrives from our form submission as actor id’s.

    So we’d like to have an after_save callback that looks up the actor names and adds them to our special index field. Problem is, if we have this

    class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
      after_save :set_index_representations
      def set_index_representations
        update_attribute :index_repr_of_actors, actors.all.collect{|p| p.full_name }.join(" ")

    then our after_save gets called again after we’ve updated our new field. Oops! Endless loop.

    We need a way of updating the record without calling after_save again. The solution is update_all.

    def set_index_representations
      Photo.update_all( "index_repr_of_actors = '#{ actors.all.collect{ |p| p.full_name }.join(" ") }'", "id = #{id}")

    Just be sure to specify the condition, otherwise you’ll end up updating all records!

    SQL functions in WHERE clauses are evil

    Posted by Maurício Linhares on December 10, 2008

    Once we get up an running with the basic SQL syntax, doing inserts, updates, deletes and simple selects we start to learn about the SQL functions, the default ones like LOWER, COUNT, AVG and then the functions that are specific for the database you’re using. We learn them and start to feel that your fingers are itching to try them, to use them in the real world. Why would you learn them if you can’t use them anyway?

    Well, I can’t tell you that you should never use them, but listen to my advice, do not ever use these SQL functions in WHERE clauses to filter data. They’re evil and they’ll try to kill your database and prevent you from working by having to discover crazy performance bottlenecks and slow queries that don’t look slow at all. At least until you run an “EXPLAIN” on them.

    Let’s start with a simple example, we want to know, from our USERS table, which ones where born today so we can send them a beautiful and unpersonal e-mail to remember that they are getting older today. In your USERS table there is a column called “date_of_birth” which is a DATE and obviously it stores the date that the user said he was born at, so we know the day, month and year, we already have all information that we need, now it’s time to write the SQL code to find them.

    In our first attempt, we write the following simple SQL:

    SELECT * FROM users u where DAYOFMONTH(u.date_of_birth) = 12 AND MONTH(u.date_of_birth) = 1

    Pretty simple and does the job perfectly, running it in your test database returns the correct users and it’s definitely fast. Now we get to try it in our production database so you can figure out which users are going to receive the e-mail. We’re running a big website, with a gazillion of users, so there should be some of them that are getting older today, we type in the query at your production database console and…



    Still waiting and looking at that blank console screen.

    Well, you should find yourself something else to read, it’s going to take a while. After a long time waiting you get a list with 10 users with birthdays today. WTF? Why so long just to find 10 users?

    A light shines in our heads and we remember that there is no index at the “date_of_birth” column, we never thought about using it in queries so we, as good database guys, did not create an index when it wasn’t needed. But now it is and you just type in the command to create the index for the “date_of_birth” column.

    After waiting a little bit to have the index created, we type again our beautiful query and we wait again. This time it seems that’s it’s taking even longer to finish. This is clearly wrong, we have created an index at that database field and queries against that field should use that index. Now we have to bring the most important tool of anyone that has ever used a database, the “explain query” feature, which explains how a query is going to be executed by the database. At your database console, we type (this is for MySQL):

    explain select * from users u where DAYOFMONTH(u.date_of_birth) = 12 and MONTH(u.date_of_birth) = 1\G

    And here’s our output:

    *************************** 1. row ***************************
    	id: 1
    	select_type: SIMPLE
    	table: users
    	type: ALL
    	possible_keys: NULL
    	key: NULL
    	key_len: NULL
    	ref: NULL
    	rows: 4558
    	Extra: Using where
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    The most important lines are “possible_keys” and “key”, both of them are NULL, which means that our beautiful query isn’t using any indexes. But another information is even more alarming, the database is looking at 4558 rows to retrieve my results (and this is exactly the count of rows available at the users table). The database is scanning the WHOLE users table to fetch some 8 rows. Can you feel it’s pain?

    We’ve created the index and we’re trying to filter just on that column, why is it not being used?

    Because we’re using SQL functions, that’s the reason. The DAYOFMONTH function is a transforming function, it takes an argument and generates a value based on that argument and our query is performing it’s filtering based on this generated value. But here’s the problem, the database optimizer doesn’t know the generated value, it has no index for it nor a way to infer which value could be generated because it doesn’t know what this SQL function does. The optimizer can’t perform any optimizations at all.

    When faced with such a complex query (from it’s point of view) the optimizer has no option but let the query run against the whole database, selecting every row, applying the function to every column and then finally filtering the result. Every time you use a SQL function that is not native to your database, like DAYOFMONTH, LEFT, RIGHT or MONTH, you might be leading yourself to such a bad query and future bottleneck. When you’re at your development database with a bunch of records, it might not yield any perceivable performance problems but once you reach the production environment with hundreds of rows, your problems will start to rise.

    You should avoid filtering based on calculated or transformed data in you queries, as your database optimizer will not be able to give you the best “query plan”. If you’re faced with such a problem, you should create a separate column at your table and generate the value beforehand. In our case, we would need to create two new columns, “day_of_birth” and “month_of_birth”, create an index for both of them and every time a row has it’s “date_of_birth” updated, it should automatically update the “day_of_birth” and “month_of_birth” columns.

    From now on, learn the mantra, SQL functions in where clauses are evil :)